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Four Outside Activities for Early Risers

I’m an inside person. Favorite temperature? 73. Favorite humidity? Around 60%. That means summers are brutal. But I don’t let that stop me. Mostly because staying in is a death sentence when you’re home with four kids. So how do the inside folk like me get outside and enjoy it?

It’s all about timing.

Early Birds

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The biggest advantage we have in the summer is that we have a mob of early risers. This means that by eight in the morning we are all ready to bolt.

Eight in the morning is a beautiful time to be outside.

It’s the best time to be outside.

Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better time.

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So, we start early. We head out the door and find something to burn energy, because on mornings when we can’t get out, we simply stay inside and act like we are out. And that, my parenting friends, is a one-way ticket to insanity.

Four Easy Outside Ideas

Here are my early-morning favorites:

  • Walks: just go around your neighborhood, or take the kids to a walking trail in your community. Spend at least 30 minutes seeing nature, running off energy, and talking. This outside time isn’t only good for burning energy. It’s also a great time to talk with your kids. They seem to open up a bit on walks.
  • Parks: Sioux Falls has awesome parks, but it’s not the only city to provide such places. Find a park in your area.  Early = empty, so you get a whole playground to yourself a lot of times.
  • Out Front: get out chalk and bubbles. Let the kids go wild in your driveway. If they’re outside, they’re happy, even if it’s just feet away from the indoors.
  • Grocery Shop: not technically outside, but out of the house. If you need to run errands anyway, early morning is awesome because you avoid crazy crowds, the kids are generally in good moods, and it gives you a chance to spend energy, even when it’s rainy or hot. It also means you’re not wasting your mid-day hours running through a store when everything else is finally open. Give the kids an assignment while you shop, and you’ve got responsibility built in as well.

Seriously, it’s the simple things that make the mornings better. Get them out. Keep them busy. Let them be responsible. It’s much better than sitting inside and fighting all day (I say this from experience!).

These are definitely small adventures, but they’re a great way to start off your typical days. If you’re looking for something bigger, I do have a book recommendation for you. Carlos Whittaker’s Moment Maker is an excellent read, and it provides a solid basis for creating your own adventures and living out the moments that make life memorable. Seriously, it’s a great book, a quick read, and an uplifting collection of stories and advice. Go buy it and learn how to push your adventure further!

Keep fighting the good fight, fellow parent-warriors. Love strong, and be passionate.

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