Faith Like a Child

Last week we had storms here in Sioux Falls. As I was getting my 2 year old into his PJ’s for the night, he heard the first roll of thunder. He looked at me and said, “Airplane!” I said, “No, that’s thunder.”


“Yeah. It’s God’s music. Cloud music.”

“More cloud music!” He said this like it was a mandate. Grayson pretty much always responds in mandates at this point in his life.

“Well I can’t make it thunder more. You have to say, ‘More cloud music, God!'”

So he did.

And it thundered again.

This gave him a big smile, and it made me snicker a little bit. But then it got much more intense.

For the next 45 minutes, Grayson prayed to God for more cloud music sporadically; basically, any time there wasn’t thunder for as little as two minutes. And even when the storm seemed to be subsiding, he’d ask for another rumble, and no more than a second later a flash of lightning would come down through the sky, followed by thunder a few moments later.

Each time he asked, Jenn and I would sit and look at each other in that “Good luck, kid” way. And each time we were met with a direct answer to an innocent and heartfelt prayer.

We have a lot to learn from this bull-headed, feisty, determined preschooler.

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