Faith And Action: A Marriage Devotional

Invest In Your Marriage

God designed us with good works in mind—so why do we struggle to put our faith into action? With 14 simple devotions, leading questions, and prayer prompts to get you started, Faith and Action sets you and your spouse on the path of living out your faith in Jesus in your everyday lives.

It’s time to look out our partners with God’s design in mind: someone without whom we cannot accomplish God’s good works to their fullest. Let’s change the paradigm of what marriage looks like to the world around us.

Faith and Action - Marriage Devotional - Christ-Centered Marriage, Christian living, Bible study, devotional

About The Devotions

The book of James has always been a fascinating book to me. It’s short, but it packs in a ton of theology and direction. Even more, the author makes it clear that faith is about more than just what you say you believe. I found this to be fascinating, since much of Paul’s letters talk about the free gift of grace, something that we cannot work to achieve or earn.

But James had a different audience: the Messianic Jews of Judea in the first century. These Judeans were fighting a battle of orthodoxy and new theology, and James wanted to make sure the latter didn’t tarnish our testimony to the world. What is faith without action behind it? How could we call ourselves followers of Jesus if we never picked up our crosses? What happens when we atrophy into only statements of faith, and not actions of faith?

This is where Faith and Action took form: at the crossroads between simply saying we believe and actually doing something to prove it. No, we can’t earn salvation through our acts. But if we’re going to claim to be Christians, we have to show those around us what Christ meant when He said the Kingdom is here!

Faith and Action digs through this short 5-chapter letter to bring out the key elements James believed were necessary to living out a life that looked like Jesus. With short reflections and biblical references for each devotional, you and your spouse can work through this book to build up your relationship and create a truly Christ-centered marriage.

Founded on Scripture

Each reflection has clear scriptural foundations, making it easy to see what God’s Word says about the topic. Additionally, each of the five sections includes several supporting scriptures beyond James, showing how the Bible is a unified story, not just a place to pick and choose verses.

Short Devotionals

Each devotional should only take five minutes to read through, so it can fit into even the busiest schedules. Because James wrote so directly, it’s easy to find deep meaning in each one, not just a quippy and quotable line.

Questions to Guide Discussion

At the end of each reflection, there are a few followup questions to help you and your spouse dig deeper in discussion about the concept you just read. The idea is life change, not just a moment of reflection. These questions help you build your faith through communication.

Connected Prayer Prompts

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to pray, so I’ve included short prompts at the end of each devotion to get you started. Focusing on the main idea, and praying for internal change and external action helps you center your heart on what you’ve just read and discussed.

Ready to Invest in Your Marriage?

Get your copy below and start building your marriage and family around Christ today.

Guidance Through Scripture, Questions for Growth

With a close reading of James at its heart, this relationship guide provides real insight into scriptures that often feel difficult to access, and sometimes even more difficult to implement. Within the frameworks of historical context and modern application, you and your spouse can find comfort, healing, and challenge in this study.

The book provides questions and prayers for each devotional section so that you and your spouse can press further into your faith. By encouraging personal and marital application of the concepts, your relationship can undergo immediate change. If you want to reach the next step in your marriage, these reflections will help you get there.

Not Just a Marriage Devotional

Faith & Action was designed not just for relationship development on a personal level, but also for leadership looking to bring a next-level marriage and family life to their community.

Christ-Centered Curriculum

Built in a semester-long format, there are fourteen separate sections that can lead weekly discussions with other couples and families, including leading questions.

Christ-Centered Community

The book builds up both inward relationship and outwards stewardship and mission, encouraging us to be the true Image of God in our communities.

Christ-Centered Family

Families grow best when marriages are strong in God’s Word. Faith & Action provides insight to both marital relationships and stewarding our children towards living out Christ.

Still wondering if Faith and Action is right for your marriage? No worries! Take a look at the blog to learn more about what I believe and how I incorporate Christ into our family. You can also learn more about a Christ-Centered Marriage here.

Designed for Marriage

Marriage is a high calling, but with God beside us, we can see abundance in our lives. Through scripture and reflection, Faith & Action takes us down a path towards a stronger, healthier relationship with each other.

Faith and Action - Marriage Devotional - Christ-Centered Marriage, Christian living, Bible study, devotional