Change the Paradigm.

What should our marriages look like? Our homes? Our daily choices?
I’m dedicated to revolutionizing the traditional Christian family so that God is at the Center.

So that men can be Prophets and Priests in their homes.

So that husbands and fathers can be the men God intended them to be.

It’s time to be better parents. Better spouses. And better people.
And It Starts With Jesus.

What I’m About

Christ at the Center

Christ-Centered Living

Christ-Centered Living

Sound doctrine. Life-giving habits. Scripture-based Choices.
Build your faith first.

Married Couple holding hands on a date night

Christ-Centered Marriage

Love and respect. Honor and encouragement. Faithfulness and Selflessness. God’s vision for us.

Christ-Centered Family - Building discipleship to build relationship

Christ-Centered Family

Discipleship, not discipline. Planting seeds of faith. Growing the next generation of leaders.

Support for the Journey

Today’s culture has little space for Jesus. As a Christian husband and father, I find it difficult to see how I fit into the world around me at times. But that’s what being a Christian is all about: being set apart for a greater purpose. Finding that purpose, and the strength to carry it out, is hard. How do you know you’re doing it right? What should you be doing to make your family grow stronger in their faith? How can I raise kids to be wise and serpents yet gentle as doves?

It’s definitely not clear at times, but I am here to help. Here to help dads, moms, and kids to find their way to the feet of Jesus. To help men learn what it looks like to be a strong leader and a compassionate servant. To help people discover the deep and incredible wonder that is God’s Word.

If you’re ready to join me on this journey, I’m ready to walk alongside you. The Christian faith can be lonely. Let’s build a community together.

Christ-Centered Family Together with Sunset
Prophet and Priest - Logo - Christ-Centered Apparel

Prophet + Priest Apparel

Our apparel and accessories are designed to give you a simple witness to those you encounter while maintaining a modern, minimalist style that still looks cool. High quality materials complement the faith-based message so that you can enjoy your apparel for years to come.

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